5 Simple Online Things I Wish Every Business WOULD Do …but They Don’t

If you don’t work in ‘digital’ and have to wade through the endlessly repetitive stream of bullshit spouted by agencies trying to sell you an app, it could, I suppose, seem like quite… Continue reading

Putting the ‘Fun’ back in ‘Fundraising’

Or: How We Violated Several Zoning Regulations for Charity “You know what we should do?” Cara says, as we squint against morning the sun and drink too-strong (and therefore perfect) coffee, “we should… Continue reading

The Great Switcheroo

Remember how much simpler it was to get dressed when you had a school uniform? Sure, it didn’t fit properly most of the time, provided zero protection against the weather in any season,… Continue reading

Feeling Flush- How I Learnt to Manage a Monthly Budget with an Up-and-Down Income (Unedited)

This post originally appeared on 22Seven’s blog. If you suck with money, download their app, read the funny blog posts, and for the love of  the dark lord and all that is unholy,… Continue reading

There Are No Words- On Sadness and Silence

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the emotional fortitude to write anything longer than a whatsapp message. Despite an asshole acquaintance telling me that I’d ‘let my audience down’ after my ’15… Continue reading

How to Get the Most out of Complaining on Social Media

Who doesn’t love a good whine? Or wine…? Whatever. Social media has given us direct access to brands and companies, which in turn has provided an effective channel to air our grievances to… Continue reading

How to Write Ruder Emails Without Swearing- PART 1

So it’s been a while since I posted to this blog- although not for lack of trying… actually, no, no… it’s exactly for a lack of trying. Between Adam’s ongoing recovery, and my… Continue reading

Michelle’s Little Monsters

It’s been a long week- and it’s nowhere near over yet… so this week’s post is going to be short and sweet, easily consumed, and built on the back of someone else’s efforts.… Continue reading

Good Manners for Grown Ups

I realised, while searching for new music and failing because “all this new stuff sounds like crap”, that I am getting old. Not just 2-day hangover and ‘what did I do to my… Continue reading

Spamalot- A Fresh Take On Classic Comedy

Syllable invited me along as her ‘plus one’ on Sunday evening to attend the media performance of Spamalot, currently on at the Joburg Theatre. I had heard of the Broadway show a couple… Continue reading