Littering- A Worthless Crime

Most days it doesn’t bother me, but occasionally I’ll find myself sitting in traffic behind some seemingly reasonable fellow motorist who will, for no discernible reason, will wind down their window and then casually toss their sweet wrapper, chip packet or similar junk-food debris  into the road.


Why don’t you just tuck it into that nifty hollow in your driver’s side door, or lay it carefully in the foot well of the passenger side, or casually toss it over your shoulder to irritate future backseat passengers. You can eat it for all I care. But why, why, why throw your trash onto the road which you, invariably, will have to traverse upon again, thus becoming a victim of your own aesthetic marring of this fine motorway that we all share. You selfish fuck.

Equally selfish are those who drop their waste as they walk- it’s not even like you can speed away and pretend you’re not a disgusting bastard.

I know that some will cry in defence of littering, “it’s a victimless crime”- but it’s also a worthless crime. I can understand robbing a bank to feed your family or your raging drug habit, and I even understand killing someone that you really fucking hate- because I’ve wanted to do that too.

But littering? What does that achieve? Reprieve from the burden of carrying your handful of your own disposables, sure, but in the long-term, who really wins? Not you. All you prove, to me and to all who see your vile behaviour, is that you are lazy, filthy and inconsiderate.

Your  ‘just one’ sweet wrapper or chip packet or cold drink amalgamates with everyone else’s ‘just one’ bit of trash. There’s little that we as citizens can do against large scale corporate pollution, but we can at least have a little respect for the places we live. I’m not even asking you to recycle (although you really should), just find a flipping bin.

And, as I’ve mentioned, I’m actually more than fine with people killing other people who really, really piss them off…  like you, litterbug, like you.

2 thoughts on “Littering- A Worthless Crime

  1. I once asked some folk why they litter so much, especially at outdoor social events. The reply – “it creates jobs ‘cos somebody has to pick it up” !

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