Rebecca’s Post- A Shrine of Words

Alright, so here’s the deal. Saturday’s post about period humor was inspired by a chat with my good friend Rebecca, wherein she provided the two knee-slapping one liners I opened my post with.

To say an appropriate ‘thank you’ for her material, and because I need all the fodder I can get to make this post-a-day thing happen, I decided to take Rebecca up on her request for a full post dedicated to her brilliance and beauty.

Here’s a picture of Rebecca first thing in the morning, with no make-up and a hangover:


This is the worst picture of her I could find. Seriously, she looks like a pig in this picture.


And here are a few facts you might or might not know about Becs*:

1. Stephen Fry lives in her guest toilet, and Stephen King lives in her en suite bathroom.

2. She has an Irish liver and is not afraid to use it.

3. She is married to a hilarious Dutchman named Joshua, who can also drink like a 19th century impressionist.

4. She really like floral, pretty, delicate things. And the word ‘fuck’.

5. She judges me for wearing sweatpants all day (not everyday, all day, just some days, all day).

I would like to pause at this juncture, and to take a moment to justify this behaviour by pointing out that as soon as you add sneakers to sweatpants, the entire ensemble becomes ‘workout gear’. Even if the only thing you’re working out is how many more episodes of series you can watch before you have to go and do some work.

6. She never comes empty handed.

7. She once met Jon Bon Jovi in a Checkers, and when he tried to hit on her, she pointed out his fly was open.

8. She lived and worked in South Korea (the good one) as a second language English teacher.

During this time, she was enlisted in the country’s elite space programme, and to this day is the only woman alive to not spill a glass of wine in a centrifuge during her high G training.

How she got it in there in first place is still a mystery. Probably magic.

9. She doesn’t take any shit from anyone.

10. She has a fabulous little blog over at this link, which you should definitely visit and read.

 *some of these facts are lies.

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