1…2…3…4…I Just Won the Blog War

And like anything I’ve ever won, it wasn’t because of my outstanding efforts. It was by default, because my competitor threw in the towel. When you are fighting against only yourself, you are the only winner.. . or the loser… or something.

The point is, at just 10 days into the greatest blog war ever blogged, it’s already all over and the winner has been crowned*.

It turns out that Gerrit, my blogosphere nemesis, never really gave two shits about the war anyway. He has conceded victory and has pledged to compensate me with a bottle of champagne on his return to the big city.

Gerrit, if you are reading this, please take note: My favourite champagne is single malt scotch.

This will suffice.

Bubbles are for children.

To everyone who has been dutifully clicking on my blog every day and reading my ranty, rambling posts, a sincere ‘thank you’. I’d like to say that I would never have won this blog war without you- but given Gerrit’s moribund enthusiasm towards the competition as a whole… well, yes, thanks anyway.

A win by default is still a win and I will gratefully share a tipple of that ‘champagne’ with all of you who have contributed to this glorious victory.

Based on the very encouraging number of visits I’ve received in the last month, I will try to update this blog more often, but will not return to this ‘post-a-day’ format for a while.

Uh oh. Mixed memes means someone needs a nap.

Uh oh. Mixed memes means someone needs a nap.

I’ve got some of that ‘real work’ to do too.

I really do appreciate every single blog visit and read though, so thank you to all of my friends, my family and all of you wonderful, beautiful strangers who have taken the time out of your busy days to read my musings. You are all fantastic human beings and I personally owe each of you  the most excellent high-fives.

The rest of you are dead to me.

*I have in fact received no such crown. It’s just a metaphor. If you have a crown that you would like to give me, I will not object.

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