Michelle’s Little Monsters

It’s been a long week- and it’s nowhere near over yet… so this week’s post is going to be short and sweet, easily consumed, and built on the back of someone else’s efforts. It’s very capitalist that way.

In the month before I went freelance, I got as far as creating a signature for myself from a couple of free icons. That was it. No business cards….No ‘personal brand’…. No website (unless you count this one, which I apparently do). I have been flitting from job to job with all the professional collateral of a common gypsy- which actually sounds pretty cool when I read that back- but it’s just not the way things are done.

You need pictures, you see. No one likes to read (always great news for a writer).

Thankfully, I know a lot of people who are super talented at making pictures, including my dear friend, Michelle dos Santos. Michelle and I met a couple of years ago at an agency, before I followed her a little while later to another agency. And now we are both freelancing and life is shiny and a swarm of butterflies follows us around all day.

Michelle used her illustrative talents to interpret my vague, unhelpful brief and my motley collection of references to create the following little characters which will soon be appearing in full colour on my swanky new business cards, electronic signature, and probably some other stuff at some point.

Here is a sneaky peek at her work:

2014-07-31 10_12_20-LittleMonsters.jpg - Picasa Photo Viewer 2014-07-31 10_13_20-LittleMonsters.jpg - Picasa Photo Viewer 2014-07-31 10_14_29-LittleMonsters.jpg - Picasa Photo Viewer 2014-07-31 10_15_40-LittleMonsters.jpg - Picasa Photo Viewer


And if you think that’s cool, head over to her site and see some of her other work.