Michelle dos Santos- Freelance Art Director

I have worked with Jade over the last five years, at two different companies and across a range of different clients. Despite the variety of subject matter, the different communication needs and the sometimes bizarre requests, Jade has always brought creative solutions to the table. Her brilliant mind and great work ethic make for a powerful combination of strategist, concept developer, project manager and wordsmith.

Despite wearing many different job ‘hats’ (and wearing them well), Jade’s most prominent skill is writing – she is a talented writer that adapts her style to the purpose of the communication, whether it’s a humorous script or a serious, heart-wrenching advert. She intuitively knows what works, how to adjust to different audiences and how to hone her words to razor-sharpness.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jade and I would encourage anyone to place their writing needs in her very capable hands.