Dan Does an Art for Us

About 2 weeks ago I almost had a full-on mental breakdown when, while scrolling through Rdio (the rich man’s Grooveshark), I discovered that Neil Finn would be performing live in London in just 2 months’ time.

For those of you in your early twenties wondering, rudely, out loud, “who the fuck is that?”, you can just shut your dirty cake-holes for five minutes while the grownups talk.

Back to my fan-girl frenzy.

Before booking a ticket and packing my sleeping bag for the long wait outside the theatre until September, I asked my friends, Dan and Jolene if they would like to come with. They’re such good eggs, they said yes. So now I’ll be able to completely lose my mind (and possibly bladder control) in front of my high-school idol, while also surrounded by people I know and respect. That’s what you call ‘winning at life’.

Dan plays and teaches guitar (when he’s not selling homemade GHB to school children, or doing time for low-level public lewdness), so he even did this fantastic cover of Crowded House’s Better Be Home Soon yesterday to help whet our collective appetites for the show:

If you would like to learn how to be a better musician, and I’m too busy to assist, then you should definitely contact Dan for lessons.

Or drugs.

One thought on “Dan Does an Art for Us

  1. Thanks a million Jade! This is the best review I’ve had since Acoustic Magazine said my second album was ‘like a sugar-puff sandwich.’ You’re a high quality organic egg from M & S. One that was laid by a free range hen.

    Keep winning, and keep writing.

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