Discover Croatia SEO, Copy and Research 2011

That’s It Communications developed a new website for local tour company, Discover Croatia. As part of this development, I researched and wrote several pages of comprehensive information on Croatia’s top attractions, customs, local delicacies and the company’s own individual tours. I also populated the majority of the content on each page using a WordPress based CMS.

Intimedia SEO Website Copy 2009

I wrote the copy for the new website for Intimedia, a strategic media agency, during November 2009. Below is the copy from the ‘Home’ page. Each page title played on the idea of an ‘intimate partnership’ between media agency and client. The bold words are SEO keywords which were approved by the client and also included in the website’s metadata by the web designer to improve the site’s organic listing.

Mass Discounters Christmas Message 2009

This was a letter written for a room drop at the end of the first, Christmas themed evening at the end of Mass Discounters annual sales conference. The letter was left as a humorous message from Santa for each of the delegates.

Santa Claus

Magical Toy Shop

North Pole

The Arctic Circle


Dear (Insert name here)

On behalf of myself and Mrs. Claus I’d like to extend an enormous welcome to this year’s Mass Discounter’s Conference. I’m sure the elves would also send their regards if they weren’t busy picketing outside the toy workshop.

Anyway, while you might think that all I’ve been doing is watching the rest of the civilized world deal with a global recession from my very cozy hearth – and it is very cozy, make no mistake- I have also felt the economic pinch lately, and it’s something that we are all going to have to work very hard to overcome in the year ahead.

It’s true that you can’t get much more isolated than living in a magical hideaway at the end of the world 364 days a year and having the same conversation with the same woman day in and day out every day for fifteen hundred years… but I try to stay in touch. I understand the challenges facing us as well as you do. Last year alone, consumer expenditure in the United States over the Christmas period was halved, a financial trend that’s going to give us hell until a predicted turnaround at the beginning of 2010.

Up at the North Pole, we have had to make some major changes to the way we have been doing business for centuries. For one thing, even the nice boys and girls have been asking for a big hunk of coal in their stockings, and for another I’ve had to cut back on the elves’ bar allowance, and I think we all know how much those little people like to drink. As for the under-performing reindeer, I have only one word for you- venison.

Suddenly, being given ‘the sack’ has all kinds of negative implications.

In this difficult consumer climate, the only thing we cannot sacrifice is the experience that our customers get from visiting our stores. The price of a product is only part of the value for money that we offer our customers. In addition to great deals on excellent quality, we need to make sure that the Massmart experience is one characterised by unrivaled customer satisfaction in a superb environment. You can’t buy a smiling face… I mean, you can, but it sort of defeats the purpose.

In any case, I know that you’ll find it in you to create a unique and unforgettable Christmas experience of your own after seeing the great offers on display. This year’s event promises to be Santastic!

Ho ho ho… I sleigh myself.

A Very Merry Massmart Christmas

The Big S.C.

Sasol Mining Corporate Video 2008

O’MAGE were commissioned by Sasol Mining to create a corporate induction DVD which comprehensively outlined each of the operations and the key employees involved. The video was a crucial step to the development of  a new, more employee and community focused culture at Sasol Mining.

This video was the first in a 12 module sequence and was used at the launch event of Sasol Mining’s management strategy.