Confessions of a Community Manager

Recently, and in revolt of my own crippling fear of all things both ‘social’ and ‘media’ related, I started managing the social media communities for a new client.

As far as communities go, it’s a pretty good one. There are little to no pictures of scrotums (scrotums?…. scrota?… which is it?) uploaded to the wall, and in combination with the rest of the content I’m creating for the brand, it’s actually been quite fun to get back into watching the analytics of how each piece of content performs.

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How to Write Good

I’m not going to lie, I feel like an arrogant, presumptuous dickhead publishing a post telling people how to write better.

Seriously, if you’re reading this, then you’re an intelligent adult with a successful career and the respect of your peers… at the very least, you know how to work the internet, so you know what you’re doing in life.

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This is How I Think PostNet Interviews Their New Employees

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you totally should, every 10th follower gets a free psychic cleansing) will know that earlier in the week, I was rather heavily irked at having to pay almost R50 to scan 3 documents onto my own flash drive.

Not only did I have to shell out this rather sickening amount, but it took 2 PostNet employees about 10 minutes to figure out how their scanner worked before they could get down to their core service: overcharging people for archaic services.

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7 of My Laziest Life Hacks

You’re welcome, fellow slackers.

It occurred to me when my domestic called me a ‘very busy woman’ that I might have finally perfected the art of looking busy. That same skill that evaded me through most of my trigonometry classes (please tweet @ me to let me know if you have ever actually used trigonometry for anything, ever) seems to finally be mine.

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Da Vinci’s Drawbacks

I have to confess that I have intentionally mimicked the title of the awful television show ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ here, although perhaps only to draw the distinction between that swill and the fascinating exhibit, ‘Da Vinci: The Genius’ currently taking place at The Amazing Place in Woodmead until the 22nd of June (with a special night event happening tonight for those who’ve booked in time).

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Vegetarian Revelations at Fry’s Family Food Tasting Event

Being a vegetarian used to be a crock.

My grandmother, an obstinately independent woman was a vegetarian for many, many years before she passed away at 95 (so she was doing something right). On a trip to Russia in the late eighties, she essentially survived on boiled potatoes and green beans for weeks. There weren’t a lot of alternatives, nor patience, for vegetarians back then.

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Letting Go- Of The Bad Things Too

I know that ‘Let it Go’ is the current Disney anthem (I love it too) and probably the obvious cinematic reference for a post all about letting things go.

But whenever I hear people talk about the importance of ‘letting go’, I tend to think of Rick Grimes in the third season of The Walking Dead. It’s just after Carl smokes Lori (after she makes a baby) and then Rick loses his goddamn mind in spectacular fashion in the bowels of the prison and chops, slashes and smashes a hundred zombies to bits.. oh yeah, sorry… ‘spoiler alert’.

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