How to Write Good

I’m not going to lie, I feel like an arrogant, presumptuous dickhead publishing a post telling people how to write better.

Seriously, if you’re reading this, then you’re an intelligent adult with a successful career and the respect of your peers… at the very least, you know how to work the internet, so you know what you’re doing in life.

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7 of My Laziest Life Hacks

You’re welcome, fellow slackers.

It occurred to me when my domestic called me a ‘very busy woman’ that I might have finally perfected the art of looking busy. That same skill that evaded me through most of my trigonometry classes (please tweet @ me to let me know if you have ever actually used trigonometry for anything, ever) seems to finally be mine.

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Da Vinci’s Drawbacks

I have to confess that I have intentionally mimicked the title of the awful television show ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ here, although perhaps only to draw the distinction between that swill and the fascinating exhibit, ‘Da Vinci: The Genius’ currently taking place at The Amazing Place in Woodmead until the 22nd of June (with a special night event happening tonight for those who’ve booked in time).

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Vegetarian Revelations at Fry’s Family Food Tasting Event

Being a vegetarian used to be a crock.

My grandmother, an obstinately independent woman was a vegetarian for many, many years before she passed away at 95 (so she was doing something right). On a trip to Russia in the late eighties, she essentially survived on boiled potatoes and green beans for weeks. There weren’t a lot of alternatives, nor patience, for vegetarians back then.

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In Which I Respond to My 10 Best Spam Comments So Far

Oh, Internet.

Between the endless semi-porno results you throw up from seemingly innocuous image searches, to the bottomless pit of inanity that is any comment thread ever, exists a special circle of virtual hell, where hordes of spambots work tirelessly, spreading their useless, unwanted messaging to all corners of cyberspace.

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