There Are No Words- On Sadness and Silence

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the emotional fortitude to write anything longer than a Whatsapp message.

Despite an asshole acquaintance telling me that I’d ‘let my audience down’ after my ’15 minutes of fame’ by not regularly updating my blog (insert wanking gesture here), I figured that most people would understand my need to insulate and isolate in the last couple of months, given that my life, as I knew it, has recently been razed to the ground.

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What I’ve Learnt about Cancer… So far

As close friends and family are all now acutely aware, Adam was diagnosed with what the good doctors tell us is a very treatable form of cancer about two weeks ago. In that time, he’s undergone surgery and four chemotherapy sessions with Dr. Daniel Vorobiof, an apparently brilliant, Argentinean, beardy man with a thing for glass.

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