The Pros and Cons of Working Home Alone

In a couple of weeks I will be driving my new(ish) car to and from my new(ish) office contract in Northampton. I will be getting dressed every morning and making face-to-face conversation with people on an almost daily basis. I’m very excited… you know, between the crippling panic attacks and paralysing fear.

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Dealing with Clients: My Least Favourite Three Little Words

It’s always sunshine and roses when you meet a new freelance client for this first time. They tell you what they want, you tell them what you think they want to hear and there are a few, beautiful, shining moments where you both believe that the two of you were brought together by fate to create something magical, or at least, marketable. It’s like a first date where one of you really hopes to get paid for doing what the other person wants…

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