FNB Wealth Innovations Awards Presentation 2013

Every year FNB invites staff from each of its divisions to submit their greatest business innovation of the year. The winning innovation receives a massive prize, shared among its contributors.

In 2013, as Head of Content for That’s It, I assisted on three projects from the FNB Wealth division to bring their innovations to life through fun, unusual video productions, like this telestration video using renowned local cartoonist, Tim Mostert.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMcuEQO7pMU&feature=youtu.be]

FNB Connect Work for Us Video 2013

This unusual recruitment video- shot over 2 days and currently being developed as an i-Trailer, full of additional rich media content- sought to introduce FNB Connect as a fun, innovative place to work. I wrote the script, directed the shoot and oversaw the edit of the video and the accompanying interviews.

I also suggested releasing a ‘teaser’ for the video, featuring the team doing the Harlem Shake, at the peak of the trend, which also received some online attention.

FNB Money Magnets Game Teaser Video 2012

The eWallet Money Magnet Game from FNB was created to educate customers on how to use the eWallet from FNB to send money anywhere in the country, by giving away lots of prizes. The game was a phenomenal success on Facebook, running for 12 weeks and exceeding all expectations in terms of virality and product take up.

I wrote all in-game copy and well as the script for this video, which was created as a promotional teaser prior to the launch.

Sasol Mining Corporate Video 2008

O’MAGE were commissioned by Sasol Mining to create a corporate induction DVD which comprehensively outlined each of the operations and the key employees involved. The video was a crucial step to the development of  a new, more employee and community focused culture at Sasol Mining.

This video was the first in a 12 module sequence and was used at the launch event of Sasol Mining’s management strategy.

Standard Bank EMFC Highlights Video 2007

The Standard Bank Emerging Markets Conference 2007 is an opportunity for investors and investment specialists alike to gather and discuss the greatest opportunities, and the greatest threats, for investing in emerging markets. The conference hosts expert guest speakers from all over the world and includes an open-space networking lounge.

O’MAGE coordinated the event and created all AV material for both the main presentations and the 6 stands in the networking lounge. I acted as content director on the event scripting and all video content, including the highlights video below: